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Travelling by Bus Can be Fun!

On 19th April 2008, 6th Higher Broughton and 1st Broughton Guides Units joined forces again on a bus journey to Hollingworth Lake in Holins, Rochdale.

The girls have been working through the “Finding Your Way” Badge using different forms of transport and planning different excursions, so we put one of their journeys into practice.

24 girls and 5 leaders set off on the 98 bus to Bury where we met 1st Broughton Girls (who had already arrived via the 98 10 minutes earlier). If you are travelling to Bury in a hurry, don’t get on the 98 as it takes 45 minutes travelling around the towns, not a good start!

The girls then found their next bus, the 417 to Rochdale, which they had already put in their plans, including departure times. Once on the bus we had to stop Paula doing her health talk about not leaving anything on the bus and keeping quiet! At Rochdale Bus Terminal we changed to the 456 and arrived at the lake with no mishaps and everyone still together at 11.40am.

It was very cold at the lakeside the wind was very bitter. We walked to the tourist information centre and had our lunch in the park. We then had a very blustery 2 and 3/4 mile fast walk around the lake, which ended with the girls getting chips, as we had finished earlier than anticipated. Then, because of the cold, we headed back on the buses.

We all had a great day out; it could have been warmer, but at least the rain stayed off!

Sue Kemp
6th Higher Broughton Guide Leader
Guides battle against the weather!
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