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21st Birthday Party

Greater Manchester West celebrated its 21st Birtday in style at the Museum of Science and Industry on the 4th July. There was a huge cake with five tiers, each tier representing a section of the girlguiding movement. The tiers from the bottom were for:-

  • Leaders and the trefoil guild - They are the back bone of our organisation and without these volunteers, we would not be able to provide the opportunities for girls that we do.
  • Rangers and Senior section - These are the girls that we are developing for the future. As they learn to govern their own lives and help with younger children
  • Guides - Here we are helping to extend horizons through Camps and other activities.
  • Brownies - These girls love to help and have fun.
  • Rainbows - Our youngest group where we have fun and make lots of great friends

Right at the top of the cake was a log building, which represents our future project.

With over 1000 girls attending the party they looked an amazing site as they sang the Birthday song which was sung to the tune of sing a song of sixpence.

Sing a song of birthdays; 21 today
Rainbows, Guides and Brownies have fun along the way
We're part of a big county; Greater Manchester West
If  anyone should ask you - tell 'em
We're the best


Of course Jane our county commisioner couldn't here them, so they just had to sing louder and louder until she did.

There was so much to do from trying out the puzzels in the experiment room.

To finding out about birds of prey.

The party was enjoyed by our youngest members the Rainbows right through to members of the trefoil guild

Our Birthday cake

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Swinton West Rangers
6th Altrincham Brownies and Leaders
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Four Brownies
Brownies and Guides
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Brownies make a picture frame
colouring in the 21st Birthday Card
Dancing for fun
We all love fun
Brownies love to get messy making cakes

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32 pictures in gallery

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