Trefoil Guild

The Trefoil Guild has over 20,000 members nationally and is made up of women over the age of 18 who have a connection with Guiding.

The aims of the Trefoil Guild are:

  • To live in the spirit of guiding
  • To offer practical help to Girlguiding UK
  • To support guiding worldwide
  • To carry that spirit of guiding into the communities in which members live and work

The Guild is open to all, including men, and you can join as long as you agree with these principles and are over the age of 18.  You can continue to be a Commissioner, an Adult Volunteer or a Unit Helper and join the Trefoil Guild too! 

Joining the Guild means that you can challenge yourself with the Dark Horse and the Discovery Award. It also means that you get to choose to do activities that you are interested in such as trips, holidays and a whole lot more, as well having a chance to socialise with fellow adult members.

To discover more about the Trefoil Guild visit their website

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Trefoil Guild News

St. George's Day
St. George's Day
Girlguiding Sale Division held a fantastic new event to celebrate St George’s Day 2017. On Sunday 23rd April, (Read more ...) (Show Gallery...)

Hale District Thinking Day Event
Hale District Thinking Day Event
Hale District held their own World Thinking Day event this year!There were around 150 members in attendance, from Rainbows to (Read more ...)

Sale Trefoil Guild Bonfire Get-together
Sale Trefoil Guild Bonfire Get-together
Lynda Marsden, Chairperson of Sale Trefoil Guild, opened her garden for an evening of bonfire fun and fireworks in the rain! (Read more ...) (Show Gallery...)

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