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Girlguiding Greater Manchester West is always looking for new volunteers from all backgrounds, age groups and abilities to bring their exciting programme to girls within the county and to work in supportive roles such as PR or administration.  Volunteering with guiding is flexible and can fit around you, no matter how much or how little time you have to spare; whether you can give one or two hours every few months, or a regular weekly commitment, there are plenty of ways to volunteer and help more girls and young women enjoy guiding.

Why should I Volunteer with Girlguiding Greater Manchester West?

Helping girls and young women in your local area to acheive their potential is hugely rewarding, but there are lots of benefits for you too:

  • It gives your CV a boost!  As a volunteer, you can get involved with marketing, recruiting other volunteers, raising funds, handling budgets and managing large-scale events.  In the process, you will develop a whole range of skills such as communication and organisational skills, teamwork and leadership.
  • If you become a Leader or Assistant Leader, you will be able to take Girlguiding UK's Leadership Qualification, and will be offered lots of other training opportunities.  Perhaps you've always wanted to become qualified in First Aid or learn about event management.  Volunteering with us can provide that opportunity.
  • You'll have lots of fun!  The guiding programme is packed with activities and challenges and you'll have a chance to experience them along with the girls.

Take a look at what our volunteers say:

'Its incredibly rewarding to watch a shy and nervous girl grow more and more outgoing and confident at each unit meeting.'

'I've made some wonderful friends and met people from all over the world through guiding.  It's fantastic!'

'Being a Leader gave me the confidence to get back out to work - I initially signed up to do it every other week.  Now I'm thinking of working with children!'

'I've been given such wonderful opportunities to improve my skills and learn new ones through guiding; its incredible to be able to develop your own potential whilst helping the girls develop theirs.'

To register your interest in becoming a volunteer with us, please contact the County team directly using the contact form here.

The 12 Hour Challenge

We know it can be difficult to fit volunteering around an already busy lifestyle, so we've created the 12 Hour Challenge, which allows everyone to enjoy the rewards of volunteering in a way and at a time that suits them.

If you can commit just 12 hours to Girlguiding Greater Manchester West over the course of a year then you can take part.  You might share a skill with a group of girls, perhaps by helping some Brownies gain their Gardener badge, for example.  You could help decorate or maintain a meeting place, or provide secretarial support for a unit - how you volunteer is up to you.  For more information please contact us using the form found here.

Employee Supported Volunteering

It can be difficult to volunteer alongside working, but why not ask your employer if they would support you in volunteering with local guiding.  Many employers have a structured volunteer programme, or they might support you in more informal ways such as allowing you to leave work early once a week to attend a guiding meeting, or giving you extra time off to take girls to camp or on a day out.

Employees can gain valuable skills and experience through volunteering and supporting volunteers can improve your organisation's image and involvement within the local community.  Eighty per cent of employers who have volunteer-friendly policies feel that Employee Supported Volunteering benefits their company.

For more information on Employee Supported Volunteering, click here.

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