Girlguiding Greater Manchester West
Girlguiding Greater Manchester West


Need extra money then these pages are here to help you


Any adult who holds a current role in Girlguiding North West England may apply for a bursary (50% of the total cost, or £100, whichever is lower) towards the cost of gaining a residential or outdoor qualification which will benefit our youth members.  This may be a Girlguiding UK or external qualification.

Community Foundation

The community foundation fund helps units with projects that are going to occur in the Uk. These projects include extra materials for your unit, camping equipment and they will even help with trips that occur in the UK.


The councils are also a good source for getting addresses

Try then  use the search facility to find the organisation that you want for example from here you can get the contact information of The Rotary Club or the Lions club for example

Ideas for events

Some companies offer commission on sale of goods. Also money can be raised by having an event where you sell tickets for entry

Ideas include 

  • Fashion night - or Fizz Fashion Show
    Fizz Fashions,  35 - 37, Clarendon Place, Hyde, Cheshire  Tel 0161 368 1930
    Fizz Fashions, 25 Wellington Street, Ashton under Lyne.  Tel 0161 343 1298

Girlguiding web site

Don't forget the girl guiding web site as they have lots of ideas on raising additional funds as well as grants and bursaries

Other organisations that might help

Sale Lions club, Email Brian at

VCA and Salford CVS

The following organisations fund groups that help the community as a whole. They do not fund individuals or internationals .First of all decide if your group resides in Trafford or Salford

Salford - You need to contact

Trafford - Your local contact is 

Both of these centres subscribe to a service that has a list of lots of funds and the criteria that needs to be met for you to access them. This is only the start, you will need to pursue, anything that these searches find.

Writing Letters

Once you know who you are writing to please bear the following points in mind when writing a letter:-

  • Make sure you talk about the 'unique-ness' of the experience or project. Specify how the girls will develop from the experience or project and what skills they will gain.
  • Stress that the girls are doing other forms of fundraising and you don't expect the full amount!
  • It's usually a good idea to say that if they are able to help you, then you will either visit them, give a presentation or a report about the experience or project afterwards to let them know what their money has achieved.
  • Make sure that you include your contact details, so that they can contact you for more information.
  • Include a stamped addressed envelope, so that they can tell you the outcome of their decision even if it is negative.
  • Make sure that you use girl guiding letter headed paper
  • If you can get the girls to help write the letter, then this is a good idea, as it shows that the girls are taking part in the process and it is not just you as a leader.
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