Girlguiding Greater Manchester West
Girlguiding Greater Manchester West

Help on recruiting more leaders

Building teams for each unit

  • Running a Parent's rota so they see Guiding is fun...but give them a job to do, make a fuss of them, make them welcome and say thank you at the end of the meeting in front of the girls
  • Encouraging parents to become members to show their support for the organisation (and so it is easier for them to help at residentials and events!)
  • Buying members clothing for regular helpers so they get used to the idea of uniform
  • Reminding the parents and girls that we are all volunteers and we are in Guiding to have fun together. This is not school

Get others involved

  • Delegating... accounts, banking money, record keeping, data entry, programme typing up, report writing, shopping, craft prep, taking equipment to and from residentials etc
  • Running District events and involving parents to help organise things (inc. dads) Think big!
  • Encouraging leaders to move up with their daughters rather than leave
  • Encouraging leaders who are resting from a unit to stay members and finding them a really useful job to do

Grow new leaders

  • Making sure young leaders feel that they are really important members of the team and included in decision making.
  • Making sure young leaders gain their leadership qualification
  • Telling Guides they are future leaders and making sure there are activities for 14- 25 year olds that they want to take part in or even organise for the district
  • Seeking out 18 - 25 year olds who live in your area (pubs, bars and Rugby clubs) and finding out how much they got from Guiding and get them to join up to support a unit
  • Staying in touch with Guides at Uni by e-mail or facebook and keeping them as members on unit census and asking them to come and help when they are at home

Be seen to be a Guide

  • Lots of positive PR in your area (Press, Radio, supermarket notice-boards, volunteering at local charity events, Remembrance and St George's parade etc)
  • Never putting negative articles or letters in the local paper.
  • Shouting out to everyone who will listen about the benefits and the fun of Guiding.
  • Bag-packing even if you don't need the money someone else in Guiding will!!
  • Being seen around the place in your uniform and encouraging the girls to do the same

PR... never miss a chance

  • Making sure there is up to date information in the libraries
  • Putting up seriously good PR for events (banners, quality leaflets etc)
  • Run a regular annual raffle and ask local businesses to support you. Let them know how much you raised.
  • Using Girlguiding UK publicity materials as much as possible
  • Handing out Guiding pens and lanyards at work.
  • Use a Guiding mug at work
  • Tell your boss about the benefits of having a Guider working for them.

Praise the girls as much as you can they are our best sales people

  • Smile even when it is really tough.
  • Use your mentors or DC if you want a moan.
  • Try never to shout (use the hand signal and wait) remember it is the behaviour you do not like, not the girls.
  • Reward good behaviour, take part in wider activities, do badge work but make it fun.
  • Give the girls real responsibilities, to make decisions and the chance to make mistakes and take risks.
  • Listen to what the girls really want to do.
Other successful ideas please use the comment on this page and we will add them to the list
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