Girlguiding Greater Manchester West
Girlguiding Greater Manchester West

Emergency and accident procedures

These notes can also be found at the back of your county directory

Emergency and accident procedures for Guiders

  • Try not to panic: keep calm.
  • Ensure the girls and young women, other leaders and yourself are safe.
  • Summon the emergency services, if appropriate.
  • Advise your home contact/DC who will contact the families of those involved (this person should have been given detailed names and addresses, phone numbers etc before the event).
  • Do not be drawn into making instant comment to members of the media or public: Take their name, ask for a deadline, tell them someone will get back to them.
  • Do not admit liability.
  • Get witness names and addresses.
  • Listen as impartially as possible to all involved people.
  • Report the incident to your District Commissioner or Division Commissioner; brief her fully.
  • With your Commissioner decide what action is needed.
    • Call Girlguiding UK's insurance service 01737 783690
    • Call Girlguiding UK's emergency PR line 0207 834 6242
  • Keep careful notes about the incident and complete 'notification of accident or incident form' - (available from the website).

Keep copies of all paperwork

Emergency procedures for home contact, DC and DivC

Home Contact Role

A home contact is recommended when undertaking advenyurous activities. As part of the risk assessment it would be wise to have a home contact whenever the unit leaves the meeting place. The home contact must:

  • Be contactable at all times during the event
  • Have complete details of the event including locations, travel arrangements, duration, route to be taken, activities which may be undertaken, expected time of return etc.
  • Have names of all those taking oart, including emergency contact telephone numbers for them.
  • Have details of the home and host commissioners(or nominees) outdoor activities advisor, PRAs and emergency services in the locality of the activity
  • Liasise with the home District Commissioner

Advice to District Commissioners

  • Provide support for those involved.
  • Ensure the Guider follows the above procedures.
  • Liaise with the Division Commissioner.
  • Make a list of roles and who will fill them:
    • Look after the different sets of girls in the group.
    • Communicate with parents.
    • Communicate with other guiders (including the local District Commissioner if the event is away from home).
    • Communicate with Girlguiding UK and insurance.
    • Sort out transport/accommodation arrangements for girls if necessary.

Advice for Division Commissioners

  • Liaise with local DC if incident is away from home.
  • Ensure that finance is available for short term emergency use. Assess whether people are coping with roles and support/act as necessary. (Decide if the people with responsibility are too close to the situation and unable to act because of shock or emotional involvement).
  • Evaluate the procedures. Consider the long term impact of the incident.


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