Girlguiding Greater Manchester West
Girlguiding Greater Manchester West

Waiting to Join Lists

Key Points to remember


How local areas manage their Waiting to Join Lists varies and the Go! system will enable this to happen. The most important thing to remember is that each young member waiting to join must only have one record on Go! that is why whenever a new record is added or amended the system automatically looks for a duplicate record. A girl can be on more than one Waiting to Join Lists with more than one Unit and this will show on her record.


Unit Waiting to Join Lists


1.If there is no space at the local Unit or the girl has not reached the minimum age for the section then the Leader will need to explain to the parent/carer that the Unit is full and offer to put the girl on her waiting to join list or provide them with the contact details of another local unit.


2.If the unit is the parent/carer preferred choice the Unit Leader will take the contact details of the parent/carer and date of birth for the girl. This may be done on-line if the Leader has internet access at the meeting place if not the data should be entered onto Go! as soon as possible.


3.If the girl already has a record on Go! the Leader will be able to see if she is already a member of another Unit or is already on a Waiting to Join List.


4.When a space becomes available and the girl is still within the age group for the section or the girl reaches the minimum age for the section the Leader will use the contact details for the parent/carer stored on Go! using their preferred method of communication and inform them a space is available.


District/Division Waiting to Join Lists


1.If the Waiting to Join List is managed at District or Division level then the girl is added to the District/Division as a Rainbow Guide, Brownie Guide, Guide or Senior Section Member Waiting to Join. At this stage they will not be attached to an individual Unit.


2.How the person managing the lists is informed when spaces become available is up to local guiding, it could be a standing item on the District/Division meeting agenda, the Unit Leaders could contact them when they have a space or they could regularly contact the Unit Leader when a girl reaches the minimum age for the section to see if a space is available.


3.When a space becomes available in the Unit the girl wishes to join the Unit Leader will be contacted and given the girls unique registration number. The Unit Leader will use Go! to find the correct record for the girl and add her to the Unit.


4.The person managing the Waiting to Join list will add a ‘valid to’ date to the girls Waiting to Join Role on the District/Division Waiting to Join List.

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