Girlguiding Greater Manchester West
Girlguiding Greater Manchester West

GMW Mini Grant

If your unit or someone in your unit needs financial assistance then please apply for our mini grant

Who can apply

Units can apply on behalf of an individual (Girl or Leader) within their unit for financial support e.g. towards uniform, residential events, or training.

Units can apply for financial support towards rent or programme resources etc.

Districts can apply on behalf of a unit.

Divisions can apply on behalf of a District.

Who cannot apply?

Individuals (Girls or Leaders) cannot submit the application; their unit must do it on their behalf.

Applications under £50 can be submitted at any time
Applications over £50 must be submitted by 1st January / 1st September


The completed application form, together with a copy of the balance sheet from the previous year’s accounts, should be emailed to Nicky Little at A postal address can be supplied on request.


GrantsMini Grants Application Form
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