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Leadership Qualification & Mentor Coordinator

Linda Helsby


Linda allocates Mentors to new leaders who are beginning their Leadership Qualification.

This involves finding a Mentor who:
works in the same section as the new leader,
lives within reasonable travelling distance to make their meetings convenient
preferably doesn't meet on the same night as their own unit.

Not always an easy job taking these various things into consideration, but an interesting one as it has meant that Linda has come to know a lot more leaders within the County.

New Mentors for the Leadership Qualification are always welcome! To find out more, please contact Linda via email


Linda Helsby is Division Commissoner for Urmston and a Leader with 4th Davyhulme Guides. She became involved with the unit when an extra pair of hands were needed to go on a trip to Alton Towers. In the past she has also been Davyhulme District Commissioner and County Registrations Secretary.

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