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Look Wider in a night

Look wider is the main program for Young Leaders and members from Rangers. If you are a guide leader and you want to introduce Look Wider to them then try some of these activities. These were created with the help of Ashton North Guides and tried out with 1st Ashton South Guides.

Before we started the game we looked at What is Look Wider, so that the girls understood about the 8 octants. We then used the spinner to determine what section to look at. Once the spinner had stopped spinning, the girl chose a chance card from that section. When I tried it out I had only three girls so all three did the activity but with the Rangers it was a bigger group and that worked better splitting them into two groups. We didn't try an activity from each section and the girls would of liked to have done that.


My Goals - My Plans - My Way - Useful for Rangers and Young leaders to start their plan
What is Look Wider - One or two sentences about the eight strands to look wider
Chance cards(displayed) - Backs of cards two of each section could be useful to for Ranges as well as the night
Spinner(displayed) - Useful for the Rangers and the game - Choosing the section to look at

Example activities

These are the activities that were thought of but you can add more as required also not all tested but comments added to those that were

Out of doors - 1 Play a game outside; 2 Collect 6 different leaves and identify them; 3 Think of 6 things you can collect from outside, roll a dice, now collect 10 of that item; 4 How could you improve your outdoor space.(Lots of suggestions from the girls)

International - 1 Count to 10 in swahili ( ); 2 Name 5 places beginning with the letter of your friends choice (not x); 3 Make and play a game entitled 'Where in the world'; 4 Think about a culture you want to find out about(this yielded a great insight into the girls)

Personal Values -  1 Complete the questionnaire 'What kind of Senior Section Member will I be' source Move on Up (This is a good activity so is great to try separately outside of the game); 2 Think about people in the past, how are their family values different to yours and how are they alike; 3 Try out a mini quiz about yourself and your friends(This activity came up with the rangers and they thought that the quiz I found out of a girly magazine was so patronising that they wanted to do one of their own which was great); 4 Write a quiz to find out about someone

Creativity - 1 Use origami to make something you have not tried before; 2 - Use a painting technique to make a card; 3 - What could you do to encourage creativity in others; 4 -Play charades(For one of our charades the girl did giving birth which was silly but funny at the same time, so maybe limit it to movies);

Community Action - 1 - Go outside and do a litter pic(keep Britain tidy; 2 - Draw yourself on a piece of paper and draw circles around you to show all the communitis thay you belong to; 3 - Think about a charity or cause you can help; 4 - Sign your name(see disability)

Fit for life - 1- Try out a puzzle you have not tried before(Healthy Mind); 2 - How clear are your teeth, chew a disclosing tablet; 3 - How can you bring more fruit into your diet; 4 - Think of 6 mini activities 1-6, roll a dice and do that activity for 2 minutes

Independent Living - 1 - Plan a meal for your family; 2 - Plan a journey using public transport(I forgot the bus timetable for this one so don't make my mistake); 3 - What skills do you need to liv an independent life; 4- You have £50 to make your bedroom better. What would you do(The guides overspent on this but they had some good ideas)

Leadership - 1 - Think of a game and lead it. Make sure you give clear instructions; 2- Lead a song that contains actions; 3- Think of a simple activity with the equipment provided then try it out(I gave the guides a plant holder and we soon had bits of paper flying about as they aimed for it); 4 - Think about a bad teacher at school, why are they bad, then think of a good teacher and say what makes them great(All the guides had a good and bad teacher to talk about)


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Feed back

Rangers - when thinking about the mini activities make sure that you have activities which are self contained, initially we had activities that you planned in the first activity and did in the second and that did not work in reality

Guides -  With the spinner have at least two as we only had one and at the end of the session the hole in the middle got two wide and didn't spin correctly



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