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Timperley Rainbows enjoy a day trip using Gift Aid

2nd, 3rd, 4th and 6th Timperley Rainbows enjoyed their annual day trip to Gulliver’s World paid for completely by their Gift Aid donations.

Debbie Middleton, Leader, explains how easy the planning can be when units work together.

“By allocating the individual tasks, for instance, the coach, permission slips etc, to each unit to organise, the trip then becomes easy to arrange.

The main challenge for us was to ensure the correct ratio of adults to girls, which for Rainbows is 1:5. We were happy when more leaders and young leaders asked to join us because we volunteered them to go on the swirly rides like the teacups!

It’s great to organise a District Trip because four units get to know each other on the coach to and from the park and can share experiences. We have found though that the event works better if we split into our individual units whilst in the park itself as it makes the queues shorter.

We are looking to organise a similar trip next year at a different park. We pay for the annual trip out of gift aid, which means the girls get to do something exciting without the parents having to pay again.”

Freya Connors, Rainbow, said “Best Day Ever!”

Sinead Kelly, Rainbow, said “I loved the mine train – it went really fast”

Leah Saward, Rainbow, said “I loved to drive the tractors, they were cute”

Evie Scott, Rainbow, said “This was my first time on a roller coaster – it was great”

If you would like to learn more about Gift Aid and the benefits it could have to your unit funds, please visit the Girlguiding Website here:

Or speak to Sue Fraser, County Treasurer


Timperley Rainbows at Gulliver’s World

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