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My First Guide Camp

I really enjoyed my first Guide Camp with 2nd Sale Moor Guides over the August Bank Holiday with my leaders, Helen, Kathryn and Eleanor. It was a great experience for me, as this was my first time I have ever camped in a tent and been away from my parents for 3 nights!

I helped to put up a tent

On arrival, my friends and I had to put up our own tents. We had help from the Young Leaders: Alexandra, Dani and Rowena. It was really exciting because it was the first time I had ever had to put up a tent; I found this challenge quite easy.

I learned to cook a meal

There were four patrols, mine was the Mexican Firelegs. We were all named after spiders! These groups are to tell you which activities you were doing; cooking, collecting wood and water, health and orderly or when you can have free time. My favourite patrol time was cooking with Kathryn and Helen, because I learnt how to cook Spaghetti Bolognese.

I also discovered the delicious ‘Eggy Bread’ which was amazing. I couldn’t wait to show my Mum how to make it when I got home.

I painted a pot

On the second day of guide camp we all went to a great activity in the village to Paint a Pot, I painted a beautiful bunny, he was really cute. One of my friends painted a ferocious dragon. This was one of my favourite activities in the whole of guide camp.

My favourite activity was doing the ‘60 minute challenge’, we had to find 60 things in the forest. Some of the items to find on the list were: something with a rough edge, or a smooth edge, or eight legs and also something squishy!

We had a campfire

On the final evening I enjoyed singing Guide Songs around the camp fire, my favourite song was “Taps”. We also sing this at the end of each guide meeting. There were also lots of songs that were really funny and we were really loud!

I made my Promise

Finally, on the last day of camp, we had to take all the tents down, which was really hard in the rain, however, we were rewarded with cakes.

To top everything off my friends and I made our Promise before going home. I am looking forward to the next one!

By Katie Crewe aged 10


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