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Girls take the lead and create challenge badge

Gaynor Portlock writes about how girls in her unit have enjoyed creating and designing their own badge.

Guides from 1st Ashton-on-Mersey South have had fun creating a challenge badge, for all sections, to help them raise money towards their trip to Euro Disney later this year. They came up with lots of ideas: some wanted to explore television; others fancied experimenting with hair and beauty, whilst a third group was keen to delve into music and fashion. The girls decided that if they called the badge ‘Popular Culture’ then each patrol could still carry out their preferred activities, as well as try some of the others all together.

In addition to the ideas that the girls came up with, the leaders suggested they could also create a magazine to go with the badge. As they were trying out each idea, they would produce a page for the magazine.

This led to the Guides adding puzzle pages, advice on hair and beauty products, as well as designing a front cover. Finally, the girls tried out four ideas from each of the following sections:

  • Music
  • TV and Film
  • You Tube
  • Hair and Beauty
  • Fashion
  • Games and Puzzles
  • Food and Drink
  • Other Ideas

They really enjoyed creating their challenge badge because all of the ideas came from them and were fun to do. To celebrate completing the badge they all joined together to try the activities from Food and Drink and held a party!”

If your unit is interested in having a go at 1st Ashton South Guides’ Popular Culture badge please find more information at:

Remember to download the Challenge Pack Guidelines from the Girlguiding website and follow our Branding Guidelines if your unit or area is considering creating a badge.

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