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Alice in Iceland

Alice's Icelandic Adventure

"I love that I was given the opportunity learn new skills and to experience an international adventure to such a breathtaking place"

At the end of July, Alice Bruce from Sale took part in a North West Region International Adventure to Iceland for 11 days; visiting the capital city Rekjavik, Solheimar Ecovillage and the Northern town of Akureyri.

We learnt about sustainability in Iceland

For the service project we helped at an Ecovillage which provides a home and employment for disabled and able bodied people from around the world. We tended to the gardens by clearing paths and potting plants as well as talking to some residents and baking cookies for sale in the local shop.

This was a wonderful experience as we learnt about how people are acting sustainably in Iceland. We met people from differing backgrounds and were able to constructively help them.

Shouting out about Recycling and Sustainability

We spent a day in the Reykjavik City Hostel with a team called ‘The Green Messengers’ who were working in Iceland to help make hostels more sustainable and environmentally friendly, which is especially important in a place with such a precious natural environment. We were told about their initiatives and helped make posters which have been put up in the hostel for international campers to understand how to recycle properly.

We went Whale watching!

We saw some incredible sights including Geysir, Gulfoss and an Icelandic summer sunset. We had an action packed adventure including Whale watching and exploring the small towns. I really loved playing games and completing fun challenges with my wonderful new friends who I met along the way; they truly are friends for life.

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