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Community action from 2nd Monton

2nd Monton Brownies have been very busy helping to make some 'twiddlemuffs' for patients suffering from Dementia. The girls spent a couple of weeks at their unit meetings sewing on 'bits and bobs' to ready knitted (thanks to leader Hayley's mum and auntie!) tubes, big enough to fit your hands in.

These have now been handed over to the dementia ward at Salford Royal hospital who were extremely grateful for the donations.
Twiddlemuffs are designed to provide stimulating activity for restless hands for patients with dementia. 

Salford Royal have spread the news about this and circulated something internally, they are that pleased to receive them. One of our Brownie's mums works for a Salford charity with links to the Alzheimer's Society and the hospital and she forged the link for us and was the one who distributed them on our behalf. 

Salford Royal's internal news piece said:

Twiddlemuffs donated for patients with dementia

Big thanks to staff and family members of Penderels Trust, Salford, and to the 2nd Monton Brownies for nearly 30 Twiddlemuffs last week delivered to staff from Wards L4 and L5. 

They look great and will be very gratefully received by our patients. 

Twiddlemuffs are double thickness knitted (or crocheted) hand muffs with bits and bobs attached inside and out. They can provide stimulation activity for restless hands for people with dementia.

Penderels Trust offers advice, guidance and practical solutions to enable people with disabilities to live independently. You can read more about them here:

What a wonderful #communityaction project from the Brownies. Well done girls, we hope you're all very proud


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