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Lucy & Ellie's Morocco Adventure

"It was such an incredible and inspirational trip and I would definitely recommend it to others. I am so grateful for the opportunity from Girlguidng and thankful to everyone who enabled us all to have such a wonderful experience."

Lucy Forshaw and Ellie White booked onto a Girlguiding Book & Go Adventure to Morocco for 7 days where they took part in a Beach Clean project in Essaouira to make a small, but invaluable dent in tackling the plastic pollution issue in the Country.

Here's their Story:

"We travelled via the National Express to Gatwick airport where we met the 12 other Girlguiding members and we made really good friends almost immediately.

Our journey to Morocco Marrakech was filled with apprehension but mostly excitement. Once arriving in Marrakech we travelled via coach to Essaouira. Our hostel was very traditionally Moroccan and in the heart of the village. We were submerged straight into the Moroccan culture with the foods, the people and the 5am prayer call which was very exciting to hear and be part of.

Each day we travelled to a different beach where we began our cleaning project. As a team, we got stuck in collecting rubbish from the beaches, filling many bags that was a combination of tourist litter and ocean plastic pollution. Our Hi-vis jackets attracted many tourists who felt inspired to help us and requested bin liners so that they could help us with our project. 

The plastic pollution was overwhelming at times as we experienced miles and miles of endless bottles, bottle caps, glass, food packaging, straws and plenty more. But nonetheless, each day was fulfilling to see the rising number of bags filled and knowing we were making an impact- it almost became hard to go home as the team were so keen to continue.

Over the duration of our trip we collected 303 bags, a box, sponges and car tyres. We were all thrilled to have made an impact whether it be the actual collection of litter or the inspiration to others and were all keen to continue to spread awareness of plastic pollution on our arrival home.

We also were able to spend two nights in Marrakech which was very educational. We were taken on guided tours around the local markets and the Mosques and also given time to do our own exploring. The week finished with our rooftop celebration meal where we all reflected on our adventure in Morocco and shared our most favourable moments."

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