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Judith Glenn receives a Laurel award

Judith Glenn became the 6th person in Greater Manchester West County to receive the prestigious Laurel Award for outstanding service to Guiding. Judith who also received her 30 years service award has held a number of roles within Guiding, from starting as a unit leader, where she has encouraged lots of girls to do their best, to being District Commissioner for Ashton on Mersey South in Sale, to her current role as the Guiding Developlment adviser: training for Greater Manchester West.

In all of her roles, she has worked well as the team leader co-ordinating people and organising everything. For example, in 2008, Judith helped co-ordinate Greater Manchester West's 21st Birthday Party at Manchester Museum for Science and Industry which was attended by over 1800 members from all over Greater Manchester West. It is the way she has worked with and supported other people and her positive impact on the County that has earned her the Award.

The application process was started in the autumn by fellow members and other interested parties, by each of them writing a letter to say why Judith should be considered for the Laurel Award. These letters were then sent to the North West Region Awards Commitee for approval. The nominations were then sent to Girlguiding Uk for final approval.

The award and a book containing all the letters was finally given to Judith on Monday 8th June at Greater Manchester West's Annual Meeting.

Judith who had not been told about the award began to cry when extracts of the letters were read out to over 100 fellow guiders. "It takes a lot for me to behave like this as many of you will know, but I feel so honoured to have such good friends in Guiding" she commented.

Then more shocks came when she realised that fellow member, Jane Killworth, had sneaked members of her family and friends in, to see her receive the award. A video of the moment is being sent to Judith's mum as she was a former Guide leader.

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The Laurel Award

Laurel Award

Award for Outstanding service: The Laurel Award

The Laurel Award may be given to an adult up to their 65th birthday, who is a member of Girlguiding UK or one of the Branch Associations, in recognition of outstanding service to guiding.

A member nominated for the Laurel Award must:

  • hold a member and recognised volunteer card
  • have held one within six months of the nomination form being received at the Country and Region offices, or by the Commissioner for BGIFC or the Adviser for Branch Associations.
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Judith Glenn
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